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Food Product Development

  • Stage 1: Establish the goals and market demands
  • Stage 2: Develop and refine the concept establishing processing, packaging, preservation                              and regulatory guidelines
  • Stage 3: Concept testing and prototyping
  • Stage 4: Product refinement, costing, manufacturing and packaging
  • Stage 5: Shelf-life testing, sensory analysis , physical, chemical and biochemical properties                              tested
  • Stage 6: In use testing and customer acceptance testing
  • Stage 7: Product launch and roll out, investor presentation, marketing and trade shows

Food Science Chef provides high quality and cost-effective new food product development consulting services. From project creation to the consumer market, we bring forth unmatched expertise. Let us take your product initiatives to the next level. Our company offers you a food product development team that possesses a combination of over 40 years of hands-on experience in food technology and beverage development.

Save your company time and money on researching, developing and expanding product lines. Our company uses natural ingredients and eliminates the use of preservatives when possible. Food Science Chef is a leader in food product formulation and our clientele consists of multinational and nutraceutical companies as well as business start-ups. Our team is well diversified in the areas of food technology, chemistry, culinology, nutrition, and all phases of production. Composed of food scientists and research chefs with extensive backgrounds at national companies with unparalleled records of success, our experience as a food product development consulting company we can make your concepts a reality!

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The need for new product innovations is in high demand and in the technology sector it is necessary for professionals to develop, analyze and produce new food product development consulting projects to the public. This area of must focus upon consumer views, their eating habits and how new food product development companies will handle the safety and chemical properties that are added to the formulations. There is a very important relationship between the safety of the public and how these projects are being produced. From the beginning, new food product development companies must encompass critical thinking skills and the ability to understand and regulate this integration.

Many reasons for creating these new ventures are growing markets, ever-changing packaging and manufacturing concerns, the need for new innovative food development company and the need for enhancing or adjusting an already existing line. Food science pays a specific attention to different sectors that include food packaging, manufacturing, nutritional label requirements and good understanding of how the business trends and customers will accept new food product development. Having the ability to produce prototypes plays an important role in food technology, as well as understanding the risks involved and microbial factors relating to shelf life and that potential microbial pathogens present. The client must be thorough when choosing a new food product development company.

Food Development

Food development is a growing industry and with new technology advancements and regulations the research and development needs to be approached in stages and needs to be scientifically tested and evaluated at every stage to meet specific regulations and requirements.

Food development steps and processes

New products are the lifeblood within the commercial industry. It is our goal to help clients develop complete new products that will complement your operation. Our experts provide fresh innovative ideas in food development as we strive to over achieve our client's expectations and make certain that each formulation has undergone screening and testing identifying any and all need for improvement.

We provide testing that includes the making and rating test. The rating test involves specific characteristics of food products taste. The rating test checks if there are distinct differences between two same products. Our food development company can create and adapt to specifics about a products manufacturing stage following the customer's needs and criteria.

Flavor chemists perform delicate processes when entering the stage of manufacturing a new food development project. It is not only the trend that they will take into consideration but pay special attention to shelf-life, preservation,safety, packaging and even the chemical and microbiological aspects.

In order for a food development company to be successful it must introduce new and fresh product lines that are high in quality and value. Packaging and the composite materials are a large part of what makes food development a successful venture. Ability to think ahead and innovate are essential in a super competitive market place.

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The market is not immune to the constant change that develops in society. The combination of more dynamic lifestyles of individuals all over the world and advancing technology has given rise to a special kind of evolution that has gravitated toward the healthier, more natural, easier to prepare and more visually appealing and flavorful and all the more reason why food product development companies have become necessary.



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"Food Science Chef fulfilled my dream to create a diverse range of dry mix bakery products for domestic use. The laboratory personnel worked with me one on one in order to develop exactly what I needed, and in truth, they were so professional and devoted to achieving an outstanding result, they actually produced much better mixes than I could have ever imagined possible. They were with me all the way, and thanks to them the final touches are done, and my products are now on the way for sale to the public. Thank you Food Science Chef and Scott for your personal attention and help." Read More

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Here at Food Science Chef we take great pride in putting our customers needs first while striving to go above and beyond their expectations. As a leader in food and beverage formulation, Food Science Chef specializes in providing high-quality and cost-effective food and beverage product development for large and small companies alike. Read More

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