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Beverage Development

beverage development process map

1. Product Concept and Strategy Consultation Session:

  • Competitive market analysis and Identification of margins and market price targets
  • Initial formula design and research
  • Product Formulation Development and functionality
  • Identify Process and manufacturing specs including cold-fill, hot-fill, tunnel pasteurization, HTST, retort, aseptic, spray-dry and powder fillers

2. Prototypes for Beverage Product Development:

  • Prototype creation and refinement Up to 5 Revisions
  • Scale-up model with packaging and manufacturing considerations
  • Cost analysis and identification of suppliers1
  • Custom Flavor development for your beverage
  • Logo and Label Design, Label Declaration, Nutritional Labeling and FDA Compliance
  • 2 Cases of Product Samples

3. Project Management

  • Co-Pack Management
  • Quality Assurance and Pre-production planning
  • Product Introduction to investors

Food Science Chef is a leading beverage development company in the business. With years of beverage development experience and superior flavor experts, Food Science Chef will deliver any concept that your company requires. Production needs careful planning and execution. Having the skills and the awareness about beverage formulation processes is essential for companies to succeed in the beverage industry. We not only provide innovative techniques and solutions but also help companies explore key issues involved when developing a successful product. Thorough studies and research are conducted by our experts, enabling us to always understand new ingredients, concepts and trends.

beverage water bottlesOur flavor team and chemists understand what a brand should stand for and how it will fit the consumers' taste profile. Food Science Chef ensures not only the content in a particular formulation meets industry standards or better but also the process for production, packaging and shelf life stability. We provide beverage development for any application. This includes alcoholic, coffee, iced teas, fruit drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, diet drinks and many others.

With our beverage product development team we can assure that our company brings quality and satisfaction to our valued clients. This is why trusted beverage product development companies are essential in a growing industry.  

Beverage Consulting Services

Our expertise does not end with formulation, but also extends into beverage consulting. We work close with you to understand your intended goals and help put together a strategy that suits your company and product. The market is flooded with new innovations these days, a fact that both novice and veteran developers are well aware of. Because of this, having a knowledgeable beverage consulting company by your side, not only a fresh pair of eyes, but also as an experienced guide throughout the process. When you employ us customers receive help every step of the way from development to manufacturing to identifying markets.  Carbonated Filler Machine

The recent boom in the beverage consulting industry presents new opportunities for those hoping to succeed with their products, but with those opportunities come the challenges of trying to flourish in an competitive industry.

We have strong ties to a worldwide network of flavor chemists with a combined 70 years of knowledge in the field. Our experience is not only limited to scientific and technical knowledge, but our consultants also bring with them years of practical experience that provides practical and realistic consulting so that your ideas can be brought to life.

The bottom line is that we offer custom beverage consulting because your product needs to be custom made and your success is our own. Food Science Chef will see to it that your experience with our company is the best and only one you'll ever need.

  beverage syrup development flow chart

Your Complete Beverage Development Solution!

Food Science Chef offers the complete beverage development solution. From concept to formulation, management to consulting, we have the expert knowledge and tools needed to turn your beverage concepts into reality.

No matter where you are in the process, Food Science Chef can help. We specialize in the technical details so that you can spend more time growing your business, preparing for the success of your new line of beverages.

We take pride in our innovative beverage product development and consulting services, and we take pride in the satisfaction of our clients. Food Science Chef strives to exceed your expectations throughout the entire journey. Our talented flavor engineers and chemists bring unparalleled excellence and enthusiasm to the process. Your customers will be able to taste the difference.

Let us know what Food Science Chef can do for your business. We have the answers to all of your beverage development questions, and we have solutions to help you overcome the obstacles that may be standing between your product and a profitable launch.

What are you waiting for? Let's work together to get that fresh new beverage product ready for market!

When you work with Food Science Chef, you are working with one of the top beverage development companies in the industry – we work hard to make your product a success because our clients deserve only the best.

"Client Testimonials"

"Food Science Chef fulfilled my dream to create a diverse range of dry mix bakery products for domestic use. The laboratory personnel worked with me one on one in order to develop exactly what I needed, and in truth, they were so motivated and devoted to achieving an outstanding result, they actually produced much better mixes than I could have ever imagined possible. They were with me all the way, and thanks to them the final touches are done, and my products are now on the way for sale to the public. Thank you Food Science Chef and Scott for your personal attention and help."

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Mission Statement

Here at Food Science Chef we take great pride in putting our customers needs first while striving to go above and beyond their expectations. As a leader in food and beverage formulation, Food Science Chef specializes in providing high-quality and cost-effective food and beverage product development for large and small companies alike. Read More