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Positioned with our company-resources and facilities located at leading Food Science Development Universities and Manufacturing centers, Food Science Chef has access to food scientists with over 40 Years experience specializing in the food, beverage, baking and perfume industry.

With our past and present food scientists your company can save thousands of dollars in research and development expanding your product line. Providing an edge on the competition can make or break product initiatives as well as help expand your business. The food science field has expanded rapidly with growth domestically and internationally and it's time for your company to get ahead with our expertise in food science formulations. Food Science Chef will deliver a multitude of different product development for companies, whether it's beverages, food products, flavors, bakery items, candy, refrigerated and frozen, seasoning blends or guidance throughout the entire process. Our extensive background and food science resources will accommodate your needs.

Our elite team will save your company thousands by eliminating on-going research and developmentcosts. Food Science Chef guarantees that product development formulations are fully complete and can go directly into production. From concept to the consumer market place our company brings forth unmatched expertise in food technology.

Our company offers you a combination of over 40 years of food and beverage design experience. Food Science Chef has a proven track record in new food product development that is unmatched by any other company in the world. Food Science Chef has created and enhanced production strategies that have resulted in products that can be found on the shelves in retail markets around the world. We are prepared to enter a project at any stage in the development, from concept design to identifying the best manufacturing locations. Our resources provide clientele and other food consultants with the ability to move forward quickly and economically, saving time and money. This allows our customers to take advantage of initial sales opportunities and better market positions for their food product design.We use natural ingredients and eliminate the use of preservatives whenever possible.

Our team is comprised of food scientists, research chefs and food consultants that possess extensive backgrounds from national food and beverage companies with an unparalleled record of success in new food and beverage product development.

Food Science Chef is committed to providing exceptional food product development research and related services through science-based,culinary approaches and solutions that result in success. Food Science Chef for all of Your Food and Beverage Development Needs. In economic times like these companies in the food industry have discovered that using an outside food science consultant is a valuable way to save money. It is a cost-effective resource that can provide fresh innovative solutions for stubborn and time-consuming problems.


With 40 years of experience in food manufacturing and product development, Food Science Chef can be the breath of fresh air your company is looking for. Increase production, productivity and profits while maintaining a profitable budget.


Food Science Chef provides the most time and cost efficient means of developing and matching hundreds of food products. We can promptly detect production problems and offer speedy resolutions. As a full-service technology company Food Science Chef can quickly devise a comprehensive marketing strategy. Strategies as designed from product development through packaging eliminating as much risk possible.

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Acme Markets Lipton Ice Tea Lemon Flavor
ALDI's Private Lable Coffee Lobster Shanty
Amstar Key Foods
Arizona's Diet Tea Drink MilPak M-P Food Technology
Baltimore Spice Myer 1890 Beverages
Basic Foods New York State
Birdseye Nutri-Systems
Blueberry Health Ice Tea Ontario Foods
Bouillon Cubes Prestige Foods
Brook Bond Public's Market Private Label
Cattleman's BBQ Sauce Ragu
Colonial Markets Ralphs Markets
Davis Gelitan Rutgers Food Science
DCA Safeway Private Label
Domino Sugar Sigma Packaging
Finast Sigma Tau
Frank's Hot Sauce Shopright Private Label
Freedman Bakery Slim Fast Formulation
Frostie Enterprises Standard Oil of Indiana
Gatorade Match Stein Hall
Giant Markets Private Label Soup Man
Globe Extracts Tasty Cake
Good Host Tetley
Grand Union Torbit-Castleman
Hale and Hearty Soups New York Thompson Medical
Heinz Vitarroz
Hickory Farms Wechler Coffee
Hoffmans Ice Cream Weight Loss Clinic
Hubinger Wegeman Markets
Iroquois Industries Weiss Markets
Jamaica SEA PROD Corn Meal Wolfgang Puck Soups
Jaycee Laboratories Heinz Baby Foods Dehydrated
Kellogg's Nutragrain Bars Goya Bouillon Cubes

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"Food Science Chef fulfilled my dream to create a diverse range of dry mix bakery products for domestic use. The laboratory personnel worked with me one on one in order to develop exactly what I needed, and in truth, they were so motivated and devoted to achieving an outstanding result, they actually produced much better mixes than I could have ever imagined possible. They were with me all the way, and thanks to them the final touches are done, and my products are now on the way for sale to the public. Thank you Food Science Chef and Scott for your personal attention and help." Read More

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Mission Statement

Here at Food Science Chef we take great pride in putting our customers needs first while striving to go above and beyond their expectations. As a leader in food and beverage formulation, Food Science Chef specializes in providing high-quality and cost-effective food and beverage product development for large and small companies alike. Read More