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FDA and USDA regulatory compliance services: The topic of food laws and regulations is always a difficult one because the knowledge is so vast. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency responsible for enforcing the laws in relation to all forms of food processing and beverage processing. The law is to ensure that consumer foods are pure, wholesome and safe for consumption while being produced under sanitary conditions. Safety and effectiveness for food grade materials are required by the Federal Food and Cosmetic Act to meet certain safety and effectiveness requirements. GRAS otherwise known as "generally recognized and safe" is how the FDA regulates specific data. Food Laws and Regulations The FDA, USDA and OSHA regulate food laws for imports and exports, interstate shipments, color additives, required label statements, food for specialty and dietary uses, infant formulas, nutrition labeling, sanitation requirements, food additives, canned food, etc.

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Food Safety / HACCP

HAACP critical control points service Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic method used to assure product safety in food manufacturing. The plan is intended to prevent food borne hazards and personnel hazards that can potentially happen during the entire life cycle of a product. It starts from receiving ingredients throughout the entire process of production all the way through storage and distribution of a product. Companies must implement a HAACP food safety control system in order to achieve FDA food safety requirements. Throughout the years HACCP systems have been developed as an advanced method in order to attain and maintain FDA and USDA requirements for the food manufacturing industry. Since a HACCP system is a vested requirement in food businesses in UK, EU and the United States Food Science Chef provides services that will achieve compliance and regulatory requirements needed for food safety. A highly skilled, competent and knowledgeable team will assist you in developing internal HACCP programs. if you already have a HACCP system we would be more than happy to evaluate it and verify its effectiveness.

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"Food Science Chef fulfilled my dream to create a diverse range of dry mix bakery products for domestic use. The laboratory personnel worked with me one on one in order to develop exactly what I needed, and in truth, they were so professional and devoted to achieving an outstanding result, they actually produced much better mixes than I could have ever imagined possible. They were with me all the way, and thanks to them the final touches are done, and my products are now on the way for sale to the public. Thank you Food Science Chef and Scott for your personal attention and help." Read More

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Here at Food Science Chef we take great pride in putting our customers needs first while striving to go above and beyond their expectations. As a leader in food and beverage formulation, Food Science Chef specializes in providing high-quality and cost-effective food and beverage product development for large and small companies alike. Read More